The Promise ||Motivational Story||

In the drama, ‘The Promise’, Nancy and Michael fall in love but Michael’s widowed mother, Marion, believes that Nancy was unsuitable for her son, who would take over their family business. When Nancy and Michael get into a terrible car accident, Michael falls into a deep coma and Nancy suffers severe facial disfigurement.

When Marion realizes that neither Nancy nor her family have the money for plastic surgery, she agrees to pay for Nancy’s facial reconstruction on condition that she changes her name to ‘Marie’ and never see her son again. Nancy agrees and she changes her name to Marie.

However, fate brings the former lovebirds together years later and they fall in love anew. Will Marie follow her heart, or would she stay true to her pledge to Michael’s mother? Marie is facing what a hymn writer describes as ‘shadow of turning.’ In God however, there is no shadow of turning with Him.

When God promised Abraham that He would be a father of nations and that out of him would all nations on earth be blessed, Abraham died without realizing the promise. In the years that followed, the descendants of Abraham engaged in heinous sins: both Isaac and Rebecca were liars and divisive, Jacob was a fraudster, Esau abandoned God, Reuben slept with his own father’s concubine and the delinquent Judah slept with his own daughter in law. The children of Jacob conspired to sell their own brother into slavery and murdered a whole city full of people. Yet through it all, God remained faithful to His promise.

When God promises to bless a person, He takes into consideration the individual’s entire life story: all his weaknesses, strengths and moral pitfalls. God declares, “my word… that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void” (Isaiah 55:11).

Today, the ancient words spoken by Moses to Israel come to you that you can expect God to fulfill his promise to you in spite of your many mistakes. True, we are a generation prone to err, but God is still happy to fulfill His promises to us if we will keep our hope in Jesus.