The Promise of True Freedom By Myles Munroe

The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.  -Thomas Jefferson
Freedom is a burden that only the mature can bear. It happens in our minds as we accept our responsibility to move forward and allow the reconditioning of our oppressive thinking. Those who won’t move forward travel in aimless wilderness circles, because nothing truly changes until your mind changes.
I read a report in a science journal recently about a scientist who was studying the power of conditioning. This scientist’s team leashed a dog to a stake. Then they put the animal’s food just out of reach. When the dog tried to get the food, he hurt himself because his leash wasn’t long enough. Every time he lunged toward the food, he felt pain. By the fourth week of this cruel experiment, the dog stayed right by the stake. He didn’t even try to reach for the food. During the fifth week they removed the dog’s leash and put him two feet away from the food. But by now the dog stayed next to the stake. The animal refused to go near the food. He had been so conditioned by the pain that kept him from reaching the food that, although he was free to eat again, he believed he couldn’t. That dog almost starved to death during the last seven weeks of his testing. He wouldn’t move from the stake even though the food was accessible. They actually had to pick the dog up and carry him to the food to slowly recondition him.
This experiment, cruel as it was, demonstrated that when the mind of an animal is conditioned, it will live within the limitations imposed upon it even after it is set free. It also clearly illustrates the problem God had with the children of Israel. They were in slavery, tied to Pharaoh’s stake of bondage for 430 years. Then one day God sent a man named Moses to remove the leash and deliver them. And he did deliver Israel from the hand of their oppressor. But delivering them from their oppressed way of thinking was another thing.
The reason God refused to take the Israelites directly into Canaan following their deliverance was because they were still mentally enslaved in Egypt. They had been delivered from Egypt, but they weren’t yet free. So God had to deal with their minds, though their bodies were already liberated from bondage. This illustration captures a principle that applies to individuals, communities and nations: Conditions determine conduct until interrupted by an external force.
The major component missing in the life of most believers and Christian communities is the knowledge base of management. It is toward the end of changing this situation that I have written the following chapters. We have not learned to harness the irresponsibility handed down from Adam and have misunderstood and mismanaged our calling to rule the earth. To so many of us, heaven is the objective and oppression is our mindset. Like the Hebrews of old we are marching in circles, unaware of the good life on earth. In the meantime, we can speak in tongues, but we can’t speak to the banker. We can jump and dance “in the Spirit,” but we can’t manage our own lives.
Some so-called successful Christians who have positions and titles in companies can’t manage their own families. They’re making $600,000 a year, but they’re wandering around in the wilderness when it comes to loving their spouse. They have learned to manage and earn money, but they can’t manage their homes.
Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”
-The Burden Of Freedom