The Qodesh Family Church Conference “Mountain of the Lord” was awesome

It was the day of the Lord as all saints joined together on the Holy land of the mountain to encounter God and experience His glorious presence full of excitement, transformation and blessings.

The new originated group from the lighthouse chapel internationals headquarters the Qodesh as the Qodesh Family Church (QFC) which is headed by the church bishops both from USA and Ghana together held a grand convention at their biggest auditorium, the Qadesh which is situated on top of the mountain on the Kasoa road.

In their beautiful royal purple, gold and white colours which indicates that the QFC’s are bless and rich in all areas and even in their population as they say ” we shall not be few, we are jolly plump” praise, worship and jubĂ­late in their colourful T-shirt, clothes, accessories and paraphernalia.

Bishop Dag Heward- Mills, the founder of all the lighthouse groups of churches, the U.D.O.L.G.C was the speaker for this tremendous occasion addressed the congregation to follow the visions of God and His plans for their life’s, do the work of God and also be a soul winners and God will reward them with His richly blessings. He said, As an evangelise he always speak about salvation.

In addition, Bishop Dag, the founder was given the mandate by one of His off-spring Bishop E A T Sackey the host and the head pastor of the Qadesh to dedicate the church into God’s hand. After the dedication, Bishop name the church as the Holy Place.

An overwhelmed population crowded an auditorium of over five thousand seats. In fact that is the largest auditorium among the whole Qodesh Family Church. The curatorial of people present were the Kings and Queens from one of the angels of the Gas royals, Bishops and Revered ministers from different churches and other ministers of God and several dignitaries all joined together to make this programme a success.

What a conference, what a gathering, it was absolutely awesome and beautiful. It is really joyous, great and a blessing to serve the Lord. What a mighty God we serve.