The Reports Are In…

I remember the anticipation that descended on the last day of school.

In Primary school, the report sheets would actually be folded and sealed so one could not peruse the contents thereof. Only our parents were worthy to break the seal. Lol!

A few minutes ago, I had the privilege to open the report sheets of my own children. That they even get report sheets is ummm….what’s the word? … ticklish

But it felt like a privilege. To also belong with the people who are worthy to break open the seal. I feel like a child enjoying parent privileges. But I remind myself that I am also a parent now. With children who have school report sheets.

I must admit that this comes with its own weight of responsibility. We have started doing homework already. Nonetheless, I will allow it to sink in, and enjoy this place; this stage.

It may seem mundane, but dear ones, the Hand of God has brought me here and so I call this … yet another miracle.

Written by: IH