The Right to Pray – Myles Munroe

Are You on “Someday Island”? by myles munroe
January 20
We know that God instituted prayer when He created mankind, and that prayer is our means of communion with God. It is the medium through which our spirits are to affect and be affected by the will and purpose of the divine Creator. That is the purpose of prayer. Yet on what basis do you have a right to pray? God originally gave us this right by virtue of our relationship with Him and our purpose of exercising dominion over the earth. Yet our first ancestors broke relationship with our Creator and forfeited our dominion authority. Satan, rather than man, became “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV).
As a result, people became estranged from God and His plans for them. This left them feeling isolated from God, unsure of where they stood with Him, unclear as to what God wanted to do for and through them, and without a sense of purpose. Do these results sound at all like your own prayer life? If so, you must realize that your concept of prayer has been influenced by the effects of the fall. However, God wants to give you a new outlook on prayer—one that confirms your right to pray and reflects His purposes for redemption, as well as creation.
It was not until I understood God’s principles of purpose and faithfulness that I began to grasp the nature, philosophy, and foundation of the concept of prayer and to experience the positive results of prayer in my own life. As we continue this devotional journey together into the heart of prayer, we will learn more life-changing truths about prayer’s purpose and power.
Father, open my spiritual eyes so that I may understand how vital my right to pray is to my Christian life. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Thought: God wants to give you a new outlook on prayer.
Reading: Genesis 49–50; Matthew 13:1–30
-Daily Power and Prayer Devotional
Reading: Exodus 1–3; Matthew 14:1–21