The Sacrifice Jesus made- Why is this so important?

Jesus came to give himself as a sacrifice for all peoples so that we could escape our corruption and reconnect with God.

This plan was announced at the beginning of human history, such that even the ancient Chinese knew of it. It was signed by God in the sacrifice of Abraham by pointing to Mount Moriah where Jesus’ sacrifice would be provided.

Then the Jewish Passover sacrifice was a sign pointing to the day of the year when Jesus would be sacrificed. Further details were predicted in various prophecies in the Old Testament.

Why is his sacrifice so important? This is a question that summarizes the whole Bible – it is its main message. The Bible declares a Law when it states:

For the wages of sin is death… (Romans 6:23)
“Death” literally means ‘separation’. When our soul separates from our body we die physically. Similarly we are even now separated from God spiritually.

This is true because God is Holy (sinless) while we have become corrupted from our original creation and so we sin.

This can be pictured with two cliffs with God on the opposite side from us separated by a large gap. Just like a branch that has been cut from a tree is separated and dead, so we have cut ourselves off from God and become separated and spiritually dead.