The Salvation of Prayer: The Effect of Prayer By J Mark Copeland

The Effect of Prayer

If our prayers are to be salvaged from seduction, we need to understand the effect of prayer.

If the focus of prayer is the Kingdom of God, then the effect of prayer is personal submission to God’s reign in our lives.

If we are praying right, prayer will change us from being self-serving people to being true servants of God concerned with His interests.
It is easy to make ourselves – our needs and desires – the center of all our praying. But our praying is to be larger than ourselves.

We must grasp the big picture. John Wesley said, “Thy kingdom come…is a prayer for that time when God will put an end to all misery, sin, infirmity, and death.”

I would modify Wesley’s statement to say that we are not simply praying for a future time when God will bring the woes of humanity to an end. We are praying that the Kingdom of God would intervene in the lives of people now and put a stop to such works of the enemy. As we pray for God’s Kingdom to come in the big picture, we will find that it will touch our lives and meet our needs as well. At the culmination of the very chapter in Matthew in which the Lord’s Prayer is given, Jesus said, “Seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (6:33).

Our prayers will be salvaged from the danger of seduction as we learn to make God alone the object of our praying, the Kingdom of God the focus of our praying and personal submission to God’s Kingdom reign the effect of our praying. This is the salvation of prayer.


-After this manner, pray