The Salvation of Prayer: The Focus of Prayer by J Mark Copeland

The Focus of Prayer

If our prayers are to be salvaged from seduction, we need to be clear on the focus of prayer. And what should be the focus of our prayer? It should be the Kingdom of God. Both the context of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew’s gospel and the Lord’s Prayer itself are concerned preeminently with the Kingdom of God.

We must make the Kingdom of God the focus of our praying.

We do that when our prayers aim at bringing God’s will to do done upon the earth as it is in heaven. Robert Law says, “Prayer is a mighty instrument, not for getting man’s will done in heaven, but for getting God’s will done in earth.”

Now this is an important point to grasp in understanding the value of prayer. People often talk as though God’s perfect will is going to be done regardless of whether we pray or not, but this simply is not so.

When the Kingdom of God is the focus of our praying, the will of God established in the earth is the fruit of our praying. When God’s Kingdom is the focus of prayer, God’s will is the fruit of prayer. God wants us to pray the price for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in our lives, our families, our churches and our communities. But, so much of our praying is ineffective because we pray with the wrong focus.

Our prayers for others may be focused upon the desire to see people live together in love and harmony and experience the blessings of productivity and prosperity. While these are admirable desires, they are not necessarily evidence of submission to God’s Kingdom rule.

Therefore, such worthwhile desires are not to be the focus of our praying. We should pray rather than those for whom we petition will say yes to God’s Kingdom rule and allow the blessings of life to issue forth from His hand as tokens of His divine favor. We must be diligent and earnest in making the Kingdom of God the focus of our praying.

– After this manner, Pray