The secret in dealing with mistakes of men of God

Before you try correcting a man of God because you think he is making a mistake, you have to be very sure you know from the Word of God or the Spirit of God that it’s a real mistake.

The fact that something is being done in a way you don’t like doesn’t mean it’s a mistake…
Yes, men of God sometimes do make mistakes but it will be a mistake on your part to assume something is a mistake because you think so or because you don’t agree.

You think he is making a mistake? Mistake, as in God told you it’s a mistake? Is the word of God very clear that what you see as a mistake is one? Or you just assumed or thought it’s a mistake?

I think the issue is whether what you see as a mistake is actually a mistake or not.

Whether it’s a real mistake or not, I think best you don’t start by trying to CORRECT him, but rather by asking him WHY or asking him to tell you more about why he does some things; I think that’s more wiser and safer.

Because, what you may see as a mistake might not be a mistake or maybe there might be something more to it.

I was taught something my father in the Lord did was wrong until I got close and asked him why and I was shocked, because I was the one who was wrong.

But if it’s a real mistake, you could get someone he respects or submit to do the correction or the advising.

Nevertheless, members have the right to put suggestions across in pushing God’s work forward and that’s not bad at all.

Its only becomes bad when you start thinking that your ideas are the best and must be the first on the list or when you get offended because your ideas were rejected. That’s pride

Sometimes, our ideas might seem to us to be the best generally, but they might not be the best in all circumstances.

Example, you might see him rebuke someone openly and get prized off and say that’s wrong… Just because you might think it’s best to do so one on one… Which is half-truth.

Because, there are situations that require open rebuke and there are situations that require one on one rebuke. So don’t hung on just one and conclude that he didn’t do it right.

And there might be other factors and reasons why that was done which you might not know but the Man of God does.

So it’s best to ask WHY for further understanding than to object straight away…