The single most Important Thing Needed To Work For God

If you are going to do the works of God you must believe in the sent one. The works of God happens through unity in the spirit.

If you do not understand why others are enjoying the blessings of God’s works through them, you have to continue praying because when God starts on your Case you will need to do an extra thing to activate your miracle.

In Acts 3:8 the lame man that was healed had to leap for his miracle to come forth and he started walking.

The Lame man waled and praised God in Acts 3:9. just as people looked on while he praised,it does not matter what they see,just do what you have to do. Even in the midst of your troubles you must prosper.

John 9:2, people immediately look for who to blame for other peoples conditions or situations. As a Child of God, know that, your way of talking exposes your belief system.

Sometimes God will work in a way that does not happen in your convinience.

Do not get offended about it because offences will keep you fro your miracle.Bible Reference John 5:6-8 and Mark 11:1-6 know
that God has need for you. – Bishop Mike Zino at the One Day Encounter with Dr.Morris Cerullo.