The sinner and the saved

Acts 10:31- ”And said, Cornelius, thy prayer is heard, and thine alms are had in remembrance in the sight of God.”

”Who shall tell thee words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.”- (Acts 11:14).


There’s so much God wants to teach us about Cornelius in the book of Acts (The entire Acts 10&11 is dedicated to it). This is a man who feared God with his entire household and was a renowned philanthropist. At the time God send an angel to warn him to send someone to Peter to hear words that’ll save him, he was in his fourth day of fasting. Yes, he was fasting. Between 3pm and 4pm on the fourth day of his fasting, he was praying and God commanded him to send men to Joppa to invite Apostle Peter, Who shall tell him words, whereby he and all his house members shall be saved.

This Cornelius man is a morally impeccable man, a prayer and fasting warrior, a giver, knows so much about Jesus, but he was not saved because Cornelius had not heard the words that will give him the salvation of God. Yes, the Bible testifies Cornelius knowledge about Christ in (Acts 10:36-38), yet Cornelius had still not received salvation.

God placed this story in the Bible to teach us that knowing so much about Him and display all kinds of religious acts doesn’t guarantee your safety. It’s very important that you know these things clearly because a lot of false preachers and believers are luring innocent souls into thinking that knowing so much about Christ and actively participating in prayers, fasting, giving, and demonstrating high morality are signs of being saved. We can only receive the salvation of God when we hear and believe the words that bring salvation to us. The words that brings salvation is extremely simple that a lot of humans will despise it.

This is the word: God simply wants us to know that when Christ died on the cross, he paid the penalty for our sins with his blood, so that when we believe in him, we will receive remission of our sins and be declared righteous and justified from all things from which we could not be justified from the laws of Moses (Acts 13:38-39).

There’s no way you’ll believe these words and still think and believe that you’re a sinner. Its impossible. Every saved person knows that his/her sins are forgiven and that he/she is righteous.