The Soul-Winners Crown; A Message For All

The following is taken from Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s book I Believe in Visions.”

Rev. Hagin was ministering in Rockwall, Texas, in 1950 and had an open vision in which Jesus spoke to him about being a ‘Soul-winner.’

Jesus was standing there, and I stood in His Presence. He was holding a crown in His hands. This crown was so extraordinarily beautiful that human language cannot begin to describe it.

Jesus told me, “This is a soul-winner’s crown. My people are so careless and indifferent. This crown is for every one of My children. I speak and say, ‘Go speak to this one or pray for that one,’ but My people are too busy. They put it off, and souls are lost because they will not obey Me.” . . .

Jesus said that people selfishly say they are ready for Heaven. They talk about their mansions and the glories of Heaven while many around them live in darkness and hopelessness. Jesus said I should share my hope with them and invite them to come to Heaven with me.

Then Jesus turned to me and said, “Now let us go down to hell.” . . . We went down to hell, and as we went into that place, I saw what appeared to be human beings wrapped in flames. . . . Jesus told me, “Warn men and women about this place,” and I cried out with tears that I would.

One of the greatest reward in the Kingdom of Heaven is soul-winning. It is the ultimate mandate of every Christian. This is the mandate given to all those that believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

-Acts 1:8

The Soul-Winners Crown is what we should fix our eyes upon. Rather than seeking earthly glories, we should preach the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, that is, the Gospel of Grace. Salvation seems to be so far from the perishing souls.

Imagine what would happen if we all as believers would preach the gospel to the brother or sister next door. Instead using the platform of social media for earthly pleasures that do not glorify God, we should use it to promote the Kingdom of God by sharing the gospel. What you do not know is that, there is someone out there who is just looking for word that will give him or her hope for the future.

Many are down-hearted. The funniest part is that, most people that go about looking all glittering on the outside are going through deep emotional and spiritual turn downs within them and they are just hoping someone like you and I can use the Word of God to uplift them.

Do the work of an Evangelist!