The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas decoration

The year is near end and I know the secret to the Christmas spirit.

The spirit will not be wearing red and riding on a sled.

It’s not in the decorated tree in the house that should be in the yard, don’t you agree.

It will not be celebrating with eggnog remembering past Christmas parties.

The spirit will not be from buying expensive present instead of paying past due bills.

It’s not displaying with the milk and cookies that’s laying out.

The spirit will not arrive from hanging a dirty sock up and calling it a stocking, isn’t this shocking.

And it’s definitely isn’t sitting in the lap Old Saint Nick naming the crap you just have to have.

It will not come from standing under the mistletoe to get kisses.

There will be none in the elf ornaments that’s stored on the shelf.

The spirit will not come from looking for Rudolph the reindeer on the remainder of Christmas Eve.

It will not shimmy down a hot chimney in a big red magical bag.

But I will give you forewarning that it will be at my house Christmas morning when I celebrate with my family the birth of Jesus and not what gifts I get.

Please, remember that Xmas reaffirm that the spirit of Christ is being removed from Christmas.

So to move christ back in your Christmas remember to love God and his son Jesus Christ above all because, without him we would all be lost sinners forever going to a dark hell.

I will show my spirit by being giving instead of unforgiving. So when you see me on my knees celebrating the birthday of Christ and not old Saint Nick, please join in to truly see the christmas spirit.

By April Humason.