The theory of One body many members: How it works

The human body has many parts but many parts make up one body. We re one body in Christ some might be Ewes, Ga’s , Fantes,Americans or Asians but when we come under the Christ banner we are one.

This works because we have been baptized into one body by one spirit and we all share the same spirit.

Though our bodies have many parts, God has put each part just where he wants it.

The eye can never say to the hand, “I don’t need you” neither can the head say to the feet “I don’t need you”.

Some parts may seem weak and least important but are actually the most necessary. And the parts we regard as less honorable are those we clone with the greatest care.

So we protect the unseen parts leaving the seen,this brings harmony among the members so the members can take care of each other. If one part suffers it affects the other.

We need to take care of the body of Christ which is the church in the same manner. The Pastor cannot handle the church alone without the help of the Ushers, sound technicians, instrumentalists, choristers, Sunday school teachers or even the cleaners.

Every one works hand in hand as a team so service can proceed swiftly. if the cleaner did not come to clean the auditorium there would be so much dirt the congregation cannot sit in for service.

Likewise the pastor cannot clean, control the sound, lead praise and worship and usher in members at the same time preach.

This theory proves that as a team we can achieve more than when one person does it all.

Just like with evangelism we cannot leave it to the pastor alone but we have been charged to also go out there and win souls.

Try and make use of this theory and remember you were created for a purpose.