The Ultimate Guite to becoming a Good Doctor

Doctors are mostly known to be at the hospitals and clinics or any medically based institution and they usually attend to sick people,dispense and prescribe medications as and when it is needed. A doctor can be a male or female.

Key duties of Doctors include;

1.Respect all people whether healthy or ill regardless of who they are.

2.Support Patients and their loved ones when needed.

3.Promote health as well as treat diseases.

4.Give unbiased advice to patients.

5.Support people with the best information on their health.

Doctors also live a balanced life and care for themselves and their families. To be a doctor is not just about dispensing pills or patch up flesh but to be an intermediary between God and Man,therefore one must have the essential quality of being a humanitarian.

Know that as a doctor, no matter how learned you are you cannot know everything. You can help yourself by;
1.Going to medical school

2.Be attentive to patients

3.Be bold,balanced and be a believer

4.Be caring and concerned about others

5.Be able to detect but do not play God

6.Be friendly

7.Be passionate about your job

8.Listen, learn and be experimental

To be a doctor with a difference,stick to these few points.