The worth of your eyes – Eye Care

A young African school-boy wears an eye test frame with test lenses and looks straight forward at an optician's ophthalmascope in a classroom in Zonnebloem School, Cape Town, South Africa. The optician works for Mullers, who volunteer their staff to visit schools and perform eye tests on all children in school grade 2. (Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

There are many adults who tend to be nearsighted than farsighted. And the normal trend we know, is developing a weaker vision whiles you grow older.

Hence, ophthalmologists provide a wide range of lenses to choose from when it comes mild and severe eye problems. Thus, depending on your condition either due to ageing or other health conditions. Some include the following;

Custom lenses are specially made to account for the specific distance between your eyes.

Progressive Lense is also known as ”multifocal lense.” These lense allows you see things clearly from different distances. However, you would not need bifocals until after age 40.

Always remember, that lenses you get from costume shops are illegal and could hurt your eyes. Always seek to buy the best.