There Is A Stranger In My House!

I am sometimes baffled, and amazed by the prayer requests of some so called Christians. Someone once asked me to pray for him so God will grant him grace to defraud somebody so he could use the money to start a business.

In another example, someone asked me to help her in prayer so a certain married man will leave his wife and marry her. I was shocked, and wondered, “Who are these people? Are they Christians? I don’t think so. They are strangers in God’s house.”

Ezekiel 44:7 may have some answers. In it, God complained about some of the people, who could be found in His sanctuary or church. It reads, “Ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers,uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it…”

Who are these strangers or unbelievers masquerading as Christians in God’s house?

First of all, they are people with “uncircumcised hearts.” Figuratively speaking, this means they are not genuinely born again.

Secondly, they are “uncircumcised in flesh.” This means they never repented before giving their lives to Christ.

The result of having such people in God’s house is pollution or sin. I hope you are not a stranger!

By Kakra Baiden