There Is So Much Hypocrisy In The Ghanaian System NII OKAI

In an exclusive interview with gospel sensation, Nii Okai, when asked what he believes is the biggest challenge of Ghana said he believes the main problem has to do with truth and honesty.

He went on further to tell that, “I know we would normally latch on leadership but I believe it starts from the cradle. You know, there is so much hypocrisy in the system and people expect a lot from their leaders when they are not ready to comply with the law. We expect people to be what we don’t want to be and unless we change that thing and start showing up at places on time, letting our yes be yes, being hurt when the cedis is falling, building our own economy, that is when things would change.

“A time where we would respect each other’s time; you know you have an appointment with somebody and you give the person the utmost respect and be early, that is when Ghana would improve. Eventually it feeds into leadership, yes, but I think it has to so with personal leadership;where our  character, habits and everything is in tune with what we admire outside. ”

In his bid the gospel musician, Nii Okai pleaded, ” we need to work at these things ourselves as a nation. If we have problems, we need to admit it and sort them out ourselves instead of dancing around it because people would be angry at you for towing that line. Let’s state issues as they are and not just point accusing fingers. We need to solve it together! “