Things to notice that the guy you are dating wouldn’t marry you

Most at time people are blinded in relationships due to the luxurious things they get and also experiences.

Sometimes you wouldn’t understand even how they think or see things. In my own understanding, dating in relationship is a time of studying each other not having sex or playing the role of a wife.

First of all, ladies, if you are dating a guy who hasn’t introduce you to any of the relatives; mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, Aunty, nephew, cousin or even a friend, please advice yourself.

Secondly, if he is always showering you with gifts, giving you huge amount of monies, taking you out to expensive places, asking you to dress sexily. Be careful, you are just his hand bag.

Thirdly, when you realise he is always touching you all-over irrespective of where you find yourself, asking for kisses and sex. Please fleeĀ !!!

Also, his attitude towards your relatives and friends. He shows no concern about your well-being and even ignores every profitable issues you raise. He doesn’t contribute to the betterment of the relationship and even finds it difficult to advise you. Such guys never solve problems but rather run away from it but he that run away from the battlefield lives to fight again. You are a victim to his cowardness please be sharp.

Be watchful of a guy who resist you from going to church or even complains about your church going. Refuses to pray with you or reason with you and even complain about every little thing you do. The way he speaks with you and even his facial look towards you during conversation.

Finally, his stage of insecurity towards you. Always fishing to know the people you communicate with on your phone, the friends you mingle with and even wanting to know the source of your belongings. Be mindful of the way he treats you in public and the terms he gives you before others or his friends.

Some guys are very inhuman and heartless. Their mind-set towards women are poisonous. They don’t have the fear of God at heart and very ignorance about the fact that, women are after God’s heart.

Thanks for your time and never ignore these facts!