Three Kinds Of Prayer you should Do Always

All kinds of prayer is very important to be prayed. Prayer gives power and helps to fulfill your desires.Your prayer can deliver you from trouble.

1.Prayer of Intersession

As children of God we can go to God as a friend and pray on behalf of others. It could be your family,your church,your friends,your ministry and even your co-workers.

2.Prayer of growth

Prayer of growth for your church and your ministry can go a long way to bring increase.Pray to God for souls to be won into his kingdom. Every human being needs prayer because we all have needs.

3.Prayer of Thanksgiving

Never cease to give thanks to God no matter your situation,condition or what you are going through.With a heart full of thanks,offer prayers thanking God even for the things you have not seen and you are yet to see.

God is ever willing to hear you pray. Pray with a willing heart in everything we do as Christians,we have to ensure that diligence and excellence is our hall mark.