To The Single Woman, S*x Doesn’t Keep A Man…

sex doesn't keep a man
Pastor Harry Vincent Anang Oddoye Jr. founder of the ‘God’s Love Fellowship’ has warned unmarried women against succumbing to the desires of their men to sleep with them with the hope that it will encourage them to stay and marry them.
He explained further that a lot of young women are cohabiting with men in the guise of dating and courtship before marriage. “This is the worst mistake you can make as an unmarried Christian woman. Keep yourself and prepare financially, emotionally, psychologically, etc. towards the institution of marriage. Do not rush!”
He likewise urged men to prepare financially towards marriage as they are the head of the family and thus are expected to provide for the family.
“If your wife is helping financially, it’s only a bonus, don’t demand her portion as though it’s her responsibility” he averred.
“Both parties need to bear in mind that, there are rewards for every sacrifice made… A man must marry you to enjoy you sensually, he must not enjoy before paying the price”, he stressed.