READ: Daniel 6:4-16

Pray without ceasing

1 Thessalonians 5:17

You will notice from today’s Scripture that Daniel prayed three times a day. An important phrase used is “as he did aforetime”. That means that Daniel had been praying these prayers on a regular basis. Daniel was not just praying because he was in trouble; he had a habit of praying.

Many times when people become prosperous, they stop going for prayer meetings and eventually backslide. Not so with Daniel! He was the Prime Minister of his country, second in authority only to the king. He was a successful man who had risen from slavery to the high office of Prime Minister. He was one of the most respected and feared men in the nation. He was a major politician of the day. He was a civil servant. Yet, he prayed three times a day , everyday!

A good prayer life is most important! Let this enter your spirit – in all your getting, get prayer! In all your activities, make room for prayer!

You may have a busy lifestyle and you may be a very important person. Though a Prime Minister, yet Daniel felt that he was not too busy to pray three times a day . If you think you are too busy to pray , then you are deceiving yourself. If you do not pray , it is because you do not want to pray . It is because you do not think that prayer is important now! Your state of blessing is not the signal to stop praying.

By Dag Heward-Mills.