Top 8 Gospel musicians in 2017

Gospel musicians in Ghana are making their best in spreading the gospel through their God given talent.

In spite of this, their actions and inactions towards their career determines the number of people who chooses them as their preferred artistes. brings you the 8 rated gospel musicians that are preferred the best in 2017.

  •  Ohemaa Mercy; She is the best female gospel artist who’s always in the spirit and also pulls crowds to the cross.

  • Joe Mettle, the  gospel artist of the year 2017 ministers in patience, humility and also full of respect even on stage. He is decent and very anointed.

  • Uncle Ato; The only gospel artists who goes to the mountains to seek the face of God before performing on stage when invited to an event. He is very particular with what he does, his voice alone can bring back the dead alive. His songs are spirit filled and very inspiring.

  • SP Kofi Sarpong; He is also one of the best artist, with his boboobo songs, keeps Ghanaians going and bringing people closer to the gospel.

  • Francis Amo, A K A energy man; He is very energetic on stage. When performing, he put himself in everything he does on that particular moment and also keep the audience on their toes.

  • Pastor Isaiah; The youth pastor – He really has time for the youth and very particular in winning souls for Christ. On every platform he mount, he makes an altar call and also stays after his performance till the end of the program.

  • Nii Okai; He is personally very calm and a gentleman but when it comes to the Kingdom business, he is a different person altogether. He will go on his knees, lie down and even scream aloud when he has to for the presence of God to fill up the auditorium.

  • KODA;  Very friendly and kind. His songs are strong in lyrics and easy to sing. He has his own style of making his songs and not to copy what everyone is doing.