Top signs your MR.RIGHT was a MR.WRONG all Along.  

I’m absolutely sure, we have witness friends being in the wrong relationship. Where in most cases, we’ve tried to warn them. More like; bring them to face reality.

Unfortunately, we are left on the sidelines hoping for the best. Most of us have also been that friend that’s been in the wrong relationship!

But the question here is how you got there – in the wrong relationship dating Mr. Wrong? What happened that led you or any other victim down the shaky grounds of a heartbreak which did not secure a happily-ever-after?

Most people ask critical questions when it comes dating like; when to date, if to date, how to date and who to date, in order to achieve a happy ending. However, when desperation sets in, most single ladies tend to hastily associate with the wrong partners.

Below are the signs you should never ignore in your quest to find your Mr. Right or detecting a Mr. Wrong:

  • When you have to make continuous excuses for his negative attitude and actions around you or other people.
  • When your personal boundaries (socially, spiritually, parentally, financially, or physically) are overlooked and disrespected. Where you tend to feel uncomfortable due to the acts he keeps introducing you to. This shows his selfish nature and carelessness on how you feel about those acts.
  • When he is not adding any value to your life. He is supposed to be involved in your walk with the Lord. He must bring strength and wisdom. He must financially enhance rather than subtract from you. He must bring joy through laughter and optimism and not a burden to you. His words of encouragement versus criticism or his eagerness to borrow money from you. You decide.
  • When he is not liked or respected amongst your family, colleagues and friends. If there is a common consensus among family and friends that this may not be the right guy for you, this may not be the right guy for you.
  • He is not discipline with his daily commitments.
  • If you tend to keep stuffs from him to prevent unwanted fights, quarrels or physical abuse.


It is always necessary to love and develop yourself as a woman. For this is the first step in preparing you for a healthy relationship. Since it helps you examine your partner critical before taking that next step with him.