Director of the Children’s Ministry,Church of Pentecost Apostle Fred Tiakor spoke on building up children to take up leadership positions in the church in an interview. He said,Adults must usher their children into the house of God because the children have great interests in church matters so encourage them to enjoy church.

He further stated that the use of big jargon’s in teachings does not help the children to understand teachings thereby leading them to stay out of church instead of feeling a part of the church.

As you train them at home train them also in the church to take up roles in the church.
leadership is institutional and has to evolve. let the child understand he or she is a leader and help the child imbibe the role of leadership, put them into playing musical instruments, leading praise and worship and also put them in charge of something Apostle Fred added.

leaders should be friendly to the children and not shun them and help them with their talents,encourage them and also any church that will like to maintain and sustain their church should take interest in them.

The children who grow through the church till adulthood are the ones that function well in ministry, they easily carry the
message and attract their peers. what they learn is what they transmit unto others.

Bring up attractive programs in church to get the children active in the church if a child is happy with you they will always approach you.


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