Transforming Message from Rosemond Anaba- The Anointed Woman-Day 2

The Anointed Woman (Virtuous Woman)

The anointing is the power of the Holy Spirit released in an individual  for the accomplishment for a specific task (An assignment). God is not a respecter of person and can operate in everyone. The Holy Spirit is not a man or woman, He is the same in every believer. Gal 3:13/ Joel 2:28-29- As well as the anointing and its results being the same. 

There are a few details when talking about the anointed woman. Just as God has anointed a man, he has also anointed a woman.

There only difference in the anointing is in the packaging (Eg; Kathryn Kuhlman, Juanita Bynum, Queen Esther, Deborah, Mary, etc…). They are all great woman who moved with the anointing. Even though they were women, they still gave similar results as that of great men who moved with the anointing.

The Anointing and The Way It Functions in The Body of Christ.

MEMORY VERSE: Acts 21:8-9

The signs of an anointed woman.

  • Consecration: It is the force that draws God into your life (In your thoughts, in your speech and in your life). It is pure, not corrupt, undefiled.
    • This means, the works of your heart and hands must be clean in order to receive a blessing from the Lord.
  • Mentor and Raise Others (Titus 2:3-5): Be discreet (sensible), chaste, not given to much wine, teach good things, love children, keep your home and submit to husband.
  • Be careful of the words you use on your spouse. If you don’t train your kids, someone would teach them. Train them in the order of their age, know their temperaments, love them. Train them on how to anticipate “death”.
  • An anointed woman starts her works in the home and with the family. There should be order and decency. Keepers at home (Spiritually and physically). It is a man’s world whether you like it or not, because some things men do are okay but won’t be acceptable when done by a woman.
  • Be in constant touch with the likes of people. Learn to be open to them, be courteous. Because the anointing always attracts people to you, so you can get the opportunity to be a blessing to their lives.

All these things should not be undone. Find your ministry to serve and help others, cause your miracle is tied up to it. 

Be courteous, be polite and be friendly in your activities. Keep the right company, do things together and minister together.

A Covering is one who offers guidance, support, accountability, leadership or provision. It could be a pastor, a parent, mentor,etc. The person is one as long as the person prays for you, can put his life down for you, directs in the right leadership and doctrines. Covering is for protection, promotion, provision and commission. A commission is a job and every anointed woman has a commission.

Example: Susanna Wesley had 19 children, yet she prayed for all of them. And anytime she put on her apron, everyone knew it was time for her to pray and for that matter she needed some privacy.

Because every child has an anointing on their lives, our arrows as parents are our children. You must take your children through the right path to have the signature of an anointed woman. So that when they are finally released to commission, they would speak and overtake their enemies. Keep doing what you are assigned to do in order to achieve your expected results in Jesus’ Name… Amen!!