Understanding the two phases of gospel preaching and perception

There are different phases of gospel preaching and perception.

All ministers of the gospel are not at the same phase and not all Christians are at the same level of perception of the gospel. We are at different phases.

But, there are TWO MAIN phases any person can be at any point in time as far as preaching the gospel and understanding/perception of the gospel are concern.


The first phase is the level where IDENTITY becomes the focus of the message and the focus of our comprehension.

At this phase, the focus is on BEING with little or no focus on DOING.

Here, you have come into Christ and you begin to discover who you are, what you have, where you are and what you can do in Christ Jesus.

At this level, you get excited about the NEW LIFE which you have received in Christ Jesus and focus mainly on KNOWING about your inheritance in Christ.

Your excitement is about the knowledge of your IDENTITY; who you are, what you have, where you are and what you can do in Christ.

Here, you get to know that you are the righteousness of God, yet your life doesn’t reflect that. You know you are blessed, but your life doesn’t really reflect that blessing. You know that as He is, so are we in this life, but your life doesn’t reflect these truths.

Having a car or an aeroplane and knowing you have it is not the same as knowing HOW to operate it.

This phase is fundamental, yet it’s very important because it is the foundation for the next phase. But sadly, most people camp around this phase their lives and never move further.


The next phase is when the focus of preaching and perception is on using, exploiting manifesting and experiencing our KNOWLEDGE OF THE PHASE ONE.

At this phase, you already know who you are, where you are, what you have and can do in Christ and therefore move a step further to discover the systems, technologies and principles of the Spirit that serve as avenues to open you up to the experience and enjoyment of everything you are, have and can do in Christ Jesus.

The focus is no more on WHO you are, but HOW to experience who you are. It’s called fruit bearing. The focus is on you/people becoming fruitful and productive for the body of Christ and the world to benefit.

The focus of BEING is to FUNCTION. It’s not just to shout that I am this or that, but to function”

At this level, preaching and perception addresses BEING and then moves up into training, building, manifesting, functioning etc.

Let’s Not Camp Around Identity Alone, But Move Into How To Function.