Unleash that greatness in you!

By Ralph Kadurira

Greatness is inside all of us, but it is on a leash! Have you ever seen a dog on a leash? It moves at the pace of the master leading it. It is only when the master decides to unleash the dog that you will be amazed at how fast the animal can really run! The greatness inside of us needs us to unleash it from the chains of insecurities, fear, anxiety and lame excuses.  You will never really know the potential inside of you until you let go, ignore those doubts and take the risk!

Pele is known as the King of Football. He was named the football player of the century in 1999 and is the only player to win three world cups. He started his career at the age of 15, coming from one of the poorest parts of Brazil.

His father had a failed football career, and would teach Pele the ‘Ginga’ style of football by teaching him how to kick mangoes off a tree instead of using his hands to pick them! When he was signed up for a team, the coaches told him that the ‘ginga’ style of football was primitive. He tried to master the foreign concepts of football play but was never really good at it. It was only when he played ‘ginga’ that he would score hat-tricks!

Today, everyone in football plays ‘ginga’ and yet they have no idea about its origin! It has become normal to see a player swing into the air, back flat and their feet in the air to kick a ball into a net! But it took one poor 17 year old boy from Brazil, to use this primitive form of football in a world cup match that spearheaded his national team to win a world cup! Ironically, Pele is a nickname that he earned in school, and the original meaning of the name is ‘miracle’.

What is your excuse? We all have our own ‘ginga’ on a leash waiting to manifest! A unique thing that we have kept on a leash for a long time, because we despise it and hold it back. That unique attribute is what could jumpstart you to greatness. Don’t hold back, let go and unleash that greatness in you! Who knows, we may celebrate the miracle in you!