READ: 2 Kings 12:10-15

… a faithful messenger …refresheth the soul of his masters.

Proverbs 25:13

Workers who are prepared to do any job are valuable. They are prepared to learn. They want to advance. They want to please you.

One of the most valuable things in an employee is his ability to produce results. The highest kind of worker, however, is the worker who is consumed and obsessed with his work. Value these and pay them highly.

Teach your workers to think about their work while at home. Someone who thinks about his work whilst at home is both consumed and obsessed by his job. Such people read books about their career. They spend their money and time in an effort to be better prepared for their task. Instead of reporting problems, they think deeply and report on how they solved the problems.

The following are helpful tips on how to be consumed with your work:

1. Know that you will only succeed with things that consume your whole being.

2. Find the job, which does not make you conscious of time. That is your God-given task.

3. Continue working in your mind, even whilst at home.

4. Buy and read books about your work.

5. Have mainly friends who are into your kind of work. This will mean that even your leisure times relate to your work.

6. Spend money to be better trained and prepared for your work.