Victorious women’s conference present “A woman of exploits”

Many women gathered at the Wordlife Church auditorium between the hours of 6.30am at the victorious women conference.

The 2017 victorious women conference with the theme “A Woman of exploits” begun on 20th September.

September is a month where every woman who at the beginning of the year conceives,  deliver.That is the month victorious women chose to have their women conference to prove how fruitful they are as women.

It all started on Wednesday at Wordlife Church in Ashaiman. The women were dressed in their neatly and colourful orange, purple and white T-Shirt to begin the conference.

An opening prayer was said by Deaconess Agyeiwaa Martinson whiles the praise and worship was done by Deconness Maame Fosua.

There were tremendous performances from Life Choir, Rev. Mary Ghansah.

The word ministration was done by Rev. Nhyira Apeaning, who preached on the purpose of the gathering.

According to her, the aim of the program is to enlighten, inspire and empower women to do exploit. Acts 14: 8-11, Daniel 2:1, 11: 32.

She spoke on title stating that, “Those who know their God,”  using the character of Daniel to justify her theme by saying

She revealed that “If you know your God, He shall strengthen you to do exploit. If you are a weak Christian, so shall your church be weak. But if you depend on God as a woman and not the strength of your wealth, husband, money or wealth, God will strengthen you to do exploit, leave every burden off your shoulder and let your dreams come true.” She encouraged the young women who were sitting quietly listening to her.

“As a woman, be bold, confident, and hardworking and avoid spending your little income on fashion, make-ups, and sorceries to look nice to appeal the men or your husband.”

She added, “that you should have a personal encounter with God and not only depend on the pastor or the sermon preached to you only in church. Build up your relation with God. David served God wholeheartedly and God delivered him from all his tragedy and also provided all his needs.” She ministered powerfully.

She continued by saying, “read and depend on the word of God. You should also be the doer of the word and not waste your time on an unnecessary things. And as you being to dwell on the word, God will strengthen you to overcome disappointment, failure and many other challenges in life as a woman.”

Finally, she encouraged women to be prayerful. When you cultivate the habit of praying, you will get closer to God and He will make you bold and strengthens you to overcome every fears in your life. As a woman make God your priority and He will make you do exploit.

In conclusion, the program ended with a massive prayer for God to minister to his people and make them do exploit.