Walk In The Truth Of Satan’s Defeat By Bishop David Oyedepo

There are many Christians, even ministers of the gospel, who don’t know this amazing truth of Satan’s total defeat. Consequently, there are lots of demon-casting, deliverance specialists.

The devil, as far as I’m concerned, is the most unrecognized personality in any place where I am. Nobody takes any notice of him nor gives him any attention whatsoever. This is because I know and walk in the truth and reality of what Jesus has accomplished for me.

In the face of this truth, there is no powerful witch, nor any powerful occultist, as far as I’m concerned. I have trodden upon witches and wizards, and I am still treading upon them. I don’t bother to pray about them when I go to sleep. I sleep so soundly that not even the sound of a telephone can wake me up! I have seen so many people today, weakened, battered and beaten because of the fake picture they have about the devil. Preachers of such falsehood don’t last. But when you contact the truth, you keep on increasing. The number one result of the death and resurrection of Jesus was the seizure of power, not only on the earth, but also in heaven.

Jesus boldly declared in Matthew 28:18: “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

All powers now reside in one man and His name is JESUS. Walk in this settled truth! Despise any theory that says there is any power anywhere else that can stop you from doing what God has sent you to do or be. That’s why Jesus confidently told us, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). This “devil this, devil that” mentality, has robbed many of a great destiny.

All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto you. They’re no longer with any witch, wizard, occultist or government. From now on, any time the devil sticks out his neck, tell him, “Stop faking, you don’t have it!” It’s time to get the devil out of your mentality completely. Jesus has stripped him naked of all powers!

In the Word of God, the only thing mentioned about the devil is his defeat. So he is not your problem. The Bible says he roars like a lion. But he’s not one. Don’t get carried away with all his tricks. Many people, when they pray, even believe that the devil will hinder their prayers from being answered. This is not possible in these New Testament days. It’s time to be free!

Wherever light is, darkness checks out. When you turn on the light switch at home in the night, do you need to pray for darkness to go?


-Satan Get Lost