August, the month of new beginnings and as this month has began its is very important to begin with Faith.

Faith according to Rev Francis Agyinasare, son of the Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International who gave this insightful and inspiring teaching on the different kinds of faith said that if only we have faith we will see the mighty works of God.

There are different levels of faith and he began with the strong faith and gave some characteristics of this kind of faith and made reference to Romans 4:20 ;he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief,but was strong in faith,giving glory to God.

Below is the full message on strong faith:

Strong faith as being strongly persuaded. God can do all things, he is the God of the burning bush ;

Fire represents trouble and tribulation but when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fire there was no smoke smelt on them or burns on their skin because they had faith in God.

Also God performed a surgery on Adam and he did not leave any mark on him and this shows how great of a God he is.

God is the God of the red sea according to Hebrews 11:29, God is making room for you just as he parted the red sea for the Israelite to walk through just as they walked on dry land.

He is the same God of the flowing rock; the rock that produces water to quench the thirst of 6 million people. Know that God is able to produce for you even from the hardest places he brings light out of the darkness.

When it comes to Noah’s ark he is the God who can make your enemies be at peace with you. There was no partition for the animals and they did not cause harm to each other through out their stay in the ark.

You need to be persuaded and believe that God will be able to fulfill his promise according to Romans 4:21, Numbers 23:18, Joshua 23:14 and 1st Kings 17:9&12 therefore stand on the promises of God, confirm and claim the promise for yourself.

Strong Faith praises in advance ;praise describes good works and attributes. it is different from thanksgiving; you talk of God’s works in praise,praising him for things not yet seen and he in turn releases power from above.

Praise him in advance before you see the accomplishment in hid promise. above all faith survives delays, it holds on till the end faith persists; Matthew 15:28.



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