Want to Know Your Purpose?

Part one began with knowing a few details about purpose.Click on https://www.gospelcrusader.com/discoveries-how-…now-your-purpose/

Part 2

There is still the question; what is your purpose on earth? Human beings have advanced drastically through discoveries and then self satisfaction. Even though our means are scarce as compared to our unlimited wants, we seem to “force the dragon to give up the pearl”. Yet, these things we have achieved point to one direction – “materialism”.

Our entire nature works according to the law of opposites. Night comes after day and day after night, cold after heat and heat after cold, death after birth and others. There are two sides to every coin, so when you toss a coin and you hit a head (crest), know that there is still a tail (kongor) behind.

What are our chances of survival, if there happens to be a glitch in the law of opposites? How do we survive in just cold without heat or just heat without cold or even no night after day? Our chances of survival will be very thin or null.

How do we think then, that we could survive with just the material purpose without the spiritual purpose of the two-fold journey of our life on earth?

Unfortunately, we have devoted too much time and effort to just one side of the coin; the result we are witnessing today. Our generation is neck stiffened, gaze fixed on the material things of the world, totally forgetting that the other side counts.

There is an imbalance, as a result of altering the truth of nature. This imbalance has contributed to the world’s stale state today. More comforts for the body, more artifacts to please the mind; yet, mourns, pain and illness are on the rise.
Why? Because, at the cost of the internal, we lay more emphasis on the external.

The real joy, the knowledge, the power to make our dreams and aspirations a reality all lies within us, but we seek it outside. It is the cause of our failure, pain and misery. We are looking for the right things at the wrong places. Jesus Christ said it… He said; the kingdom of God is within us. What do you think the kingdom of God is?

How do you expect to find your true purpose when you clean man-made Churches, temples and mosque without devoting such care to the real temple of God (the human body) or to the kingdom of God which is intrinsic?

You can be a total being but you can never be complete if you don’t balance the scale of purpose. We don’t do one before the other, they are together. School makes you total with an A4 sized sheet called certificate but education is what makes you complete.

It is time you get conversant with the spiritual purpose just as your material purpose. It is only when you have been successful at getting the scale of purpose balanced that you will realize there’s not enough time.

Now, go find your true purpose!