leg growing


In this video, we see a woman whose legs are not of the same length receive an instant miracle: the shorter leg grows to equal the length of the other leg.

God is the creator of mankind and this video shows clearly that, the One who created us can also perfect us.

Watch the video closely so as not to miss a thing. GOD IS GREAT.



Asa Alonso Allen (March 27, 1911 – June 11, 1970), better known as A. A. Allen, was an evangelist with a Pentecostal healing and deliverance ministry. He was, for a time, associated with the “Voice of Healing” movement founded by Gordon Lindsay. He died at the age of 59 in San Francisco, California.

AA Allen attended an Oral Roberts tent meeting in Dallas, Texas, in 1949. After attending this meeting, Allen testified that as he left that meeting he hoped to form a healing ministry and asked his church board to allow him to start a radio program. They refused. Allen soon resigned from his church and began holding healing revival meetings.

Stemming in part from purported healings, he established a large following. Allen became one of the first to develop a national television ministry. His television programs frequently included excerpts from his “healing line” ministry. By the late 1960s, however, music formed an increasingly dominant part of his programs, with that music generally being performed by African-American singer and choir leader Gene Martin.

In 1955, Allen purchased a large tent and was soon one of the major healing evangelists on the revival circuit. Allen’s revival meetings were similar to the other leading evangelists of the time (such as Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, and William Branham) in that meetings were typically characterized by preaching, testifying, music, and praying for those in need of healing. As was the case with other ministers of the time, Allen’s healing ministry was facilitated by the use of “prayer cards” obtained in advance by those requesting prayer for healing.