Wednesday, 4th October 2017 – Don’t bow your knee to fear

Fear is not from God, but from Satan, so every time you feel fear in your life, the enemy is coming against you. I often say in my teachings that fear is the “master spirit.” It’s the spirit Satan uses to try to rule God’s people and keep them from coming under the leadership of the true Master, Jesus Christ.

Multitudes of people never fulfill the call of God on their lives simply because every time they try to go forward, the devil uses fear to stop them. Is he using fear to stop you? Satan uses fear to keep people from enjoying life. Fear brings torment, and you surely can’t enjoy life and be tormented at the same time.

When the devil brings fear, you can choose not to bow your knee to it. David said, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in You.” I believe it’s safe to say that when you make an effort to pursue God wholeheartedly and follow Him, the enemy will attack with fear. However, if you put your confidence and trust in God, He can help you overcome your fear and move forward.


God, I don’t want to bow to fear. I put my confidence and trust in You. I know I can rely on you to give me the courage and strength to resist fear. Amen!