Well Worth the Wait – Gloria Copeland

The pressure is on.

You have prayed the prayer of faith. You believe you have received the answer. You are confessing the Word. You are standing on God’s promise. You are expecting a miracle. But instead of getting better—things seem to get worse. Symptoms and circumstances pile up around you. Every time you turn around, some demon is whining in your ear: Why don’t you just give up? This faith stuff doesn’t work. God doesn’t even care about you.


Soon all you can think about is how tired you are, how fed up you are with waiting for your answer to come. You have had it with this situation and unless something changes, you’re about to say the two words that cost more believers their victory than anything else in the world: I quit!

Sound familiar?

Sure it does. Everyone who ever walked by faith has gone through times like that. Tough times. Times when you feel like you can’t take any more. Maybe those times have tripped you up in the past. Maybe the devil has used them to pressure you into letting go of your faith. But I want you to know something today. That never has to happen again because you’re about to learn how to release a force so powerful it can carry you through those hard times in triumph.

It is a force so dynamic the devil cannot stop it. It is a force that comes from the heart and character of God Himself and it will take you from here to victory…every time.

What is this magnificent force? The force of patience.