What Bishop Robert Arhin Said On Father’s Day

Bishop Robert Arhin, the Overseer of the Hope of Hope Assemblies of God Church, has entreated fathers not to be discouraged as their day was not given much hype.

He said even though the Mother’s Day received more publicity on radio, television and online, they should not be reluctant to celebrate the occasion anytime it is due.

He gave words of encouragement during the church service on Sunday at Mamprobi in Accra, where fathers were called to the podium to be prayed for and wish them a happy Father’s Day.

He advised children to give their fathers gifts as they gave their mothers during the Mother’s Day celebration.

“My children gave gifts to their mother at an early hour when we were still in bed during the Mother’s Day. But today as I was expecting same from them, they rather came late, tapped my shoulder and wished me a happy Father Day without giving me any gifts,” said the Bishop.

He further urged fathers not to be lazy, take up their responsibilities at home and love their children to foster unity and peace in the home and society at large.

Bishop Arhin advised the youth to forgive their fathers if they had wronged them in one way or the other and show them love and likewise father’s as well.