What Christians can learn from Afia Schwarzenegger’s story

Marriage has become fashion and competition among ladies and even the gentlemen.

One would usually get to know how rich or poor some couples are depending on how they go about their marriage.

The kind of out-fit, decorations, the looks, the venue and even the people present at the ceremony determines the financial status of the couples.

Celebrants usually will copy blindly.

Love or no love the craze for extravagant weddings are going on.

Some people go to the extent of borrowing money at all cost to make the wedding posh. It is something going on in this country.

Access to know you both love yourselves enough for the marriage;

As a Christian, without love, marriage can’t work because no one will like to marry his or her enemy. There are a lot of sacrifices in marriage and it only love that can make that happen.

Go through Counselling;

Before marring, one must seek counselling for at least six months to know whom you are actually going to live with for the rest of your life. During counselling, you will know the dos and don’ts in marriage.

Spelling down your future together;

This is the most important factor in marriage.

Before you both agree to marry, you all have aspirations, dreams and plans for the future individually. It is very necessary to know if the individual future plans can help build a great family.

Consider your expenses;

Preparing for the wedding, know what to spend your money on. Prioritise a particular sector on your wedding ceremony. At least something that will signify your marriage after years.

Know your financial status;

Make sure you are financially, mentally, physically and spiritually sound and ready to marry before you enter into it. If not, you will never enjoy your marriage. Make the wedding as simple as you can.

It is mostly dangerous when the source of income is on one person. When the giver becomes fed up, issues will begin to rise immediately.

Let us avoid shame and disgrace because a false marriage do not last. It starts sweet and fast but ends short and bitter. Embrace honesty, genuine lifestyle and have a successful marriage.