What Courtship Is All About

Courtship is mostly valued than dating because it’s the preparation period towards married. Choosing a spouse is a lifetime decision. It is the most important life decision because your choice of partner can make or unmake you for life. Compare your  needs and complementary roles.

Be sure you can live with what you don’t like about your partner, otherwise hug and say goodbye. Never marry just because you are lonely or need someone to support you.

Marry one you can commit yourself to after a healthy courtship, otherwise you put your life and marriage at great risk.

Global studies show that while 60 per cent of all marriages fail, 20 per cent are lifeless, leaving only 20 per cent success rate for marriage. Studies also show that 75 per cent  of women and 60 per cent of men think they married the wrong partners. Failure of partners to take their courtship seriously is the greatest cause of marriage failures.

Take a serious look at what happens in your relationship; is it all about sex, fun and financial support? Do you have a vision or just floating?  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t count on love at first sight, romantic love or soul mates.

Love is not blind. Your marriage will not work because you love each other. It works because you have worked for it through healthy courtship.

Your marriage will, therefore, be as good as you prepare for it. See each day of your courtship as time for serious business and not for fun.

See courtship as a time to prepare hard for God’s call into marriage to serve Him.  Your marriage can only be good if you prepare hard for it with serious courtship.

Courtship is indeed a serious business and not fun.