What Did The Presbyterian Moderator Say About Politicians Who Threaten Pastors

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The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey has said politicians who threaten Pastors for being critical of happenings in the country will be fought spiritually.


According to him, unlike the Supreme Court Judges who are clothed with the legal power to jail whoever attack them and the court, Pastors will resort to fervent prayers asking God to avenge their attackers.


Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey was speaking at a thanksgiving service to mark the 50thAnniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Logos Congregation at Achimota College last Sunday.


In a sermon themed: “The Year of the Lords Favour” the Moderator stressed that Ghana has no reason to face economic challenges as God has favoured and blessed the country with all the natural resources to make it a rich nation.


“Ghana is not poor, look, God has endowed Ghana with all that we need. The material wealth, solid wealth…cocoa, gold, tell me any country in the world that has been called a Gold Coast before and then the liquid wealth of this world has been given to us, they call it black gold (oil). Why should we discover oil and things rather should go worse? My friends, it is time we have to wake up as a country.”


He added: “When you talk, what they say is …we’ll do to you same as we did to the Supreme Court Judges. Eii, you are playing with Supreme Court Judges…then you’ll go to where you never wanted to. Amazingly it’s not only the Supreme Court Judges they said they will kill, they also mentioned three ministers (Pastors). But the Judges have put them in prison, what about the pastors? You see Pastors we’ll keep quiet…where this rich man went (parable in the Bible, Lazarus and the rich,) hahahaa…they will go.”


Several men of God such as Pastor Mensah Otabil, former Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese of the Methodist Church, Rt. Rev. Stephen Richard Bosomtwe-Ayensu’s and the Moderator himself have come under scathing attacks from members of the ruling NDC after they have criticized certain happenings in the country they consider wrong.