What do wives of pastors’ go through, who do they complain to?

In life there are ups and downs. Some start life with sweetness and ends with bitterness and others start bitterly but ends sweetly.

Every problem and how it’s handled. Most church members run to their pastors and elders in the church when they are facing any problems especially in their marriage.

But has it ever occurred to you who the pastor or their wives run to when they face any problems?

Yes!!  They do. The little issues you face at home as a wife that makes you run to seek advice from her, she goes through same.

Most people think those who do the work of God are supper natural and don’t go through what every normal human being go through because of Gods hand on them. They go through what you go through truth be told.

The wives of our beloved Pastors indeed go through problems in their family, marriage and life as a whole. Financially, emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually they are dying. But who do they run to, to lodge a complaint or even find solutions.

Is it their parent, friends or the church members?

Most often our “lady pastors” finds it difficult to open up or even tell someone of their problems because of their husband’s position and how the society rates them. In fact, some speak to people outside church and also the wives of other colleague pastors due to their confidentiality level.

Most sub-pastors wives run to their head pastors’ wife due to the nature of the problem and depending on the kind of relationship they have, the problem gets settled. But ask yourself, who then should the head pastor’s wife run to when she faces any challenges? I know you will say God!!

Hhmmmmm………God have mercy. Learn to handle and avoid problems in your homes and stop increasing the burdens of pastors and their wives because they do have problems on their own.