What Do You Want Him to Do for You? – Gloria Copeland

It’s just as easy to receive from Jesus today as it ever was. Back in the days when He walked the earth, Jesus would just be going from one place to another and someone would rush up to Him with faith in their heart, and in their mouth—and He’d do whatever they asked Him to do. It was as simple as that! He did whatever they asked for in faith.
You can see that in the life of blind Bartimaeus. The Bible says he was sitting by the highway begging one day when Jesus came walking by: “And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me. And many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me” (Mark 10:47-48).
Look what happened when Bartimaeus cried out: “And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called…” (verse 49). That’s always the way Jesus was. No matter what He was doing, when a person cried out in faith, Jesus would stop and minister to that person. He’s still that way. At the call of faith today, all of heaven moves to answer that prayer.
When they brought Bartimaeus to Jesus, do you know what He said? He said, “What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?” (verse 51). In The Amplified Bible it reads, “What do you want Me to do for you?” “The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight. And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way” (verses 51-52).
Isn’t that easy? Jesus asked Bartimaeus what he wanted. Bartimaeus answered…and Jesus did it. Glory to God! Jesus has that same attitude toward us today. Every morning when you get up, He’s saying, What do you want Me to do for you? Now, you can see how foolish it is for you to go to work without praying and telling Him what He can do for you today. If you just ignore Him and go on about your busy life, you won’t receive anything from Him. Because He works by faith! You have to talk to Him like Bartimaeus did—and you have to believe He’ll answer!
-This Same Jesus