What Does it Mean for One to Have the Mind of Christ

The mind of Christ is not necessarily the brain of the New Man in Christ. It’s not necessarily the mind of the born again child of God. You can be born again and not have the mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ isn’t just about the spiritual state of the Christian. That’s because the mind has got to do with thoughts, reasoning and the intellect (thinking, reasoning and analysing issues from Christ’s perspective).

The mind of Christ is the mind that has gone through transformation through renewal of mind by the word of God and operations of the Spirit of God.

It’s the mind that has been brought into alignment with the word of God and therefore thinks in agreement with the will, plan and purposes of God.

In order words, THE MIND OF CHRIST is both the spiritual state combined with the necessary renewal and transformation needed from the word of God to align one’s thoughts, reasoning and analysis with that of Christ as revealed in God’s word.

It’s only when that happens that we can see the mind of Christ at work in us.