What every music director ought to know about singers

When Some Singers are made to Feel or Believe they are Indispensable, they become COMPLACENT and most often than not DESTRUCTIVE.

I don’t believe in The Fact that you need to have the Best Singers by All Means, but I believe in having Good Singers you Can Work on. People you Can Manage, Train and Teach.

I believe in having a Plan B, people can pull surprises.
So as a Music Coach, I do not build a Team around Some people but around everybody so that I won’t get Disappointed.

Most Singers are so selfish that Even When they miss Rehearsals Without asking Permission, they would Still Have the Guts to come Stand behind the Microphone.

A singer walks into church whiles worship had already started, one microphone was still waiting for her….nobody could stand behind it. So that lady would always have the Gut to walk in Late.

Some Singers can Wear Slippers to mount a Stage and I find that so appalling and disheartening. This means that Music Directors and Praise and Worship Leaders have a Lot of Work to do.

I see these things at other Places and it worries a lot, our Calling is Noble and we need to uphold it with Maximum Dignity, honour and Respect.

You should be Ashamed of yourself going to Church Late and Walking on Stage to go Sing. You should be very ashamed. That’s indiscipline in the Highest Order.

But you See the Problem is like that because most of these Singers have “BOUGHT” their Leaders, the Nuisance still Goes on in Impunity and Disregard for Spiritual Authorities. This must Stop.

A Music Director, Choir Leader, Praise And Worship Leader must be a person of Integrity. You should not be Bought. You have to be FAIR and FIRM. Because Singers Love Microphones and would do anything to Get them.

Your Job is To Teach, Raise and Build People but not Having Favourites because they grease your palms. Your Choristers May not Like You but they must Respect you, that’s how it should be. You are not there to be liked. Do your Job and Stop behaving like you haven’t seen women before. There should be Order in the Music Ministry.

One day you are going to give accounts of your Calling!!