What Everyone must Know about Worship

The Devil wanted Jesus’s worship on the mountain;this means that our worship means more than money.

The devil understands worship because that was his place.

Lucifer,means the anointed one,the Cherubim who guards the throne of God.

Lucifer had access to God and was the guardian of the throne;not that God could not guard his own throne but that was his special assignment.

Lucifer was a very beautiful arch angel which was also part of his assignment and part of his worship.

Worship is Glory and Glory means Splendor.

Wherever you see worship, there is reward for the presence of God is there.

Genesis 49:8-12; The Scepter in this verse makes you identify your tribe. Just like in the Ashanti kingdom, when kings are gathered each linguist holds a scepter which is a symbol of their clan.

As believers our scepter is the lion of the tribe of Judah and Judah means Praise.It is our symbol of authority.

wherever you find God’s heritage, you must find worship.