What Familiarity can cause you

An inexperienced person is likely to think that the more gifted you are, the more qualified you are for the ministry.

My little experience has shown me that it is the faithful and loyal people in church who are most qualified to be leaders.”-from Bishop Dag Heward-Mills’, Loyalty and Disloyalty, pp 1.

One of the greatest causes of Disloyalty is FAMILIARITY; the attitude of being more friendly and informal than is acceptable.

When your relationship with God does not occupy the first place in your heart, when you get used to your leader/pastor so much that your respect and reverence for him become questionable. When you are not punctual, regular, decent and humble in the house of God. When you see yourself more important/better than your fellow Christian.

All these are signs of familiarity. Consequently, the power of God is always limited in an atmosphere of familiarity and disloyalty (Mark 6:1-12). Dear Christian, give no room for this evil attitude!

#Avoid Familiarity