What influence does your name have on you? {Part 1}

I remember way back in my primary school, one teacher asked us to pray concerning the examiners. Thus, the particular teacher who will mark our exam papers.

Because if the person picks the paper and realised the name on it, is the same name of someone who have offended him/her, your paper won’t obtain it proper marks it might be thrown away.

A name is an identification of an individual that is mostly given by a biological parents, guardians, Godfather or mother, friends and even our love ones.

There are meanings to everything in this world because there are no new things under the sun as the bible states.

In Akan, there are names that are basically given after the day in which you were born such as; Sunday-Kwasi/Esi, Monday-Adjoa/Kwadwo, Tuesday-Abena/ Kwabena and Saturday-Ama/Kwame and more.

Whenever any of these names are mention you easily know the day that person was born.

Names indeed has meanings which most at times affects the individuals. Most parents systematically search for the meanings of the particular name they prefer given to their children before their birth.

Other parents name their children according to their family members, family name as custom demands. Some also name their children based on how good a person was to them, being a relative, friend, mentor or a great influencer.

It will amaze you to know that, some parent name their children based on their life experiences or even the things they went through before their marriage, pregnancy to when the baby is born.

Some parents find it difficult to give birth after marriage. This cause them to go through all means just to have at least a child even though it is often beyond their strength. Others go to the extent of sleeping with people outside their marriages like; pastors, friends, total strangers and a friend of their partners which is known as adultery.

To be continued……