What influence does your name have on you? {Part 2}

I remember way back in my primary school, one teacher asked us to pray concerning the examiners. Thus, the particular teacher who will mark our exam papers.

Because if the person picks the paper and realised the name on it, is the same name of someone who have offended him/her, your paper won’t obtain it proper marks it might be thrown away.

What is your name? 

Is the meaning of your name having an influence on your life? why do you think so and what is the meaning of your name? The name sometimes have negative and positive influence on our life.

There are names that are derived from the bible and with some little observations, I have realised that, those names still have it spiritual impact. Anyone who bares such names as Easter, Abigail, Mary, Joseph, David, Samuel and so on are fortunate to receive the favour on their life and some even intend to live up to their character or the roles the Bible Characters played.

Many people are in a high rank of office because of their names. It has to interest you to know the meaning of your name and what impact it has on your life.

Names that have positive meanings surely has positive influence. Names with positive meanings like; Blessing, God’s gift, God’s will, Favour, Ruler, Noble and etc. and such truly portrays it and are even affected with the positive benefits attached to it.

Looking at the other angle of it, those with the negative meanings like; Jabez, Thomas, Gad, Job and many more also have it negative effect as well. But the most interesting part of it is that, some don’t live contrary to it because it actually not their birth name but rather people they were named after.

Ghanaian local names like; Adepa, Nyame ye, Yayira, Nhyira and others are some of the positive names one can give to their children both sexes. These names actually have it influence on whoever is given to and its positive impact reflect on them.

To be continued……