What is your marriage based on?

A newly wed couple holds each other in the late afternoon...

Is your Marriage based on trust, love, honesty or money?

Being married to someone who keeps soo many secrets from you is certainly a marriage with lots of red flags and that marriage will one day end.

Marriage is an open union where the two is seen as one, what belongs to one is for all. There’s no “mine”, it becomes “ours”. Sadly, what is happening in today’s world is not the description of a good marriage.

My question is, what are we hiding in our marriages? We put soo many passwords on every documents on our phones, we have secret lockers in our house where no one is allowed to open, we change women’s names on our phone’s to men and men’s name’s to women. We don’t receive certain calls in the presence of our partners and we don’t reply to certain messages, we quickly delete our whatsapp messages because we fear our partners will see and ask questions. Our phones are always on flight mode when we are close to our partners so there’s no ringing. We never leave our phone close to our partners.

Who are you deceiving in your marriage when you are not even honest? If you can’t share then, you are not ready for marriage, you should be alone without thinking of marrying again.

If you keep exhibiting these bad attitudes (living a lair) to your partner and he/she eventually redraws from you emotionally, who caused it? Before you start complaining about your partner, check your actions.

Every person who was created by the almighty God was made with love and in love naturally, every human being has a huge amount of in built love within and the only reason why they are unable to show love is because of some painful secrets not shared.

Our partners are to be loved and cherished, both of you must enjoy each other and be transparent as much as possible. You made him/her a promise so don’t be a “hypocrite”, honor your promise. If you can’t keep a promise then you should never think of marrying again because you will always be living a liar and your guilty conscience will always haunt you. THIS IS NOT LOVE, IS CALLED SELFISHNESS!.

Confessing to your partner and asking for forgiveness is not a sign of weakness rather, it’s a sign of maturity. It means you are ready to change and become a better person in the relationship.

Remember, where there is no trust, there is no love.