What kind of relationship are you in, find out the types and kinds of people in relationships

Relationship is a kind of friendly atmosphere you have with a person!

Mostly, we find ourselves in different kinds of relationships with different people and here is a list to help you understand what kind of relationship you may be in.

  1. Difficult relationships – In this kind of relationship,it drives people crazy and it is very difficult to deal with situations because you cannot help it. This relationship wastes one’s time because the other always seeks all attention.


  1. Controlling relationships – this kind of relationships suppresses or contrasts people, when it comes to the kind of people in this kind of relationship, meet the;

(i) Volcanoes – They are very temperamental: they easily change moods.They can be laughing for a minute and the next moment they get angry.

(ii) Overseer – They always want to know something that is  knowing what you do or what you wear and others.

(iii) Power grabbers – They always want to be masters wherever they go.

(iv) Steam rollers – They bully their way through and they do not care about others.

  1. Competitive relationships – This relationship is usually between somebody above  or below your level and this also breeds the following types of people;

(i) Green eyed monster – They boil out with envy and end up fighting others.

(ii) Grabbers – These are people who want everything you have and more.

(iii) Scorekeepers – This group of People keep records of everything they did in your life. That is when they do good,they say “i did this for you when you needed this” etc.

(iv) Teasers – This people use what they have to belittle others.

  1. Chameleon relationships – In this relationship people change in behavior for others not to have a bad mind about them. People usually found  in this relationship are;

(i) Praise singers – They always want to please,they always try to move with those in high places for people to notice them.

(ii) Gossips – people in this category spread lies, and untrue rumors about others.

(iii) Under-miners – they never express their true colors. They always hide their behavior from others and they are popularly known as snake under grass.

(iv) Assassins – People who hide to fight others. Here they form a group to fight but they will always distinguish themselves from the act.

Wondering what to do in order to make your relation work?

The first thing to do is to build a relationship that commands respect from both parties. Respect should be mutual.

The relationship must have support from each partner and above all there should be loyalty.